We introduce as many adaptive sports as we can to show children the choices they have! We also keep  the families informed of other opportunities such as different camps that are open to them.

We began with a wheelchair basketball team in the Southern Conference of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. At no cost to the child or family, MYWheeLs provides the uniforms, hotel rooms, food and gas costs to travel the South East Region of the United States to compete in the tournaments sanctioned by the NWBA.

We put the children first no matter their family situation, income status, sex, race, or religion.

We are the only organization in the state that gives children with a lower limb disability the opportunity to play competitive adaptive sports. With no cost to the player and their family, children have the opportunity to play team sports and be introduced to different Paralympic individual sports.

We encourage each athlete to be his/her best; and teach responsibility, team spirit, self confidence and respect. Individuals have the opportunity to travel for their respective sport at no cost to them.

Added opportunities that come with our organization are possible college scholarships and representing the USA in the Paralympics.About Us

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MYWheeLs gives the children of Mississippi the opportunity to try different sporting activities to enrich their lives!